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Thanks for the lovely comments about the baby sweaters! Tonight is the BASD meeting - I'm so excited!


Buttercup is a done deal. Here she is blocking:

Buttercup blocking

It's like looking up a bunch of noses.

And here she is finished:


Finished: 12/5/05
Pattern: my own
Yarn: 8 ply cashmere in yellow, 4 oz; purchased from Paul Moore (eBay: aggo64)
Needles: #10
Notes: After a while I really liked this pattern. Enough interest with the bobbles, and then some "plain" rows to zone out. Twisted stitches were a little more work but look great! Steam blocking worked nicely; the edges rolled slightly before. I stretched a bit width-wise to open up the pattern. Final size is 4" x 56", a good length and style for folding in half and looping the ends through (if that makes any sense). I wasn't sure if the pattern would be too much done all the way through; I had considered doing a few repeats at the ends and then an occasional bobble here and there. I like it, though. If there's any interest I will post the pattern.

Holiday Ideas

These scarves were knit earlier this year and are going out as gifts this holiday season. Maybe they're just the thing you were looking for! I included pattern info and notes.

Sideways Seaman's Scarf Sideways Seaman's Scarf

Sideways Seaman's Scarf
Finished: 5/21/05
Pattern: "Sideways Short-Row Seaman's Scarf" was originally posted at, but isn't there now; the blog owner is
Yarn: Noro Kochoran in color #21 (1 skein)
Needles: #10
Notes: An easy pattern that kept my interest with all the short rows, was quick because it's all garter stitch on #10 needles, soft to knit, pretty colors, and only 2 ends to sew in. Shed a little while knitting.


The Purl Scarf The Purl Scarf

The Purl Scarf
Finished: 3/31/05
Pattern: "The Purl Scarf" by Joelle Hoverson, Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Steadfast Fibers' Wonderful Wool in Blue Moon (less than 1 skein), Koigu KPPPM in P866 (leftovers from socks), Ski Yarn's Ski Kid Mohair in col #110 (light blues; less than 1 skein)
Needles: #15
Notes: Ran out of Koigu first, and didn't want to buy more to make the scarf longer. Quick knit and fun to see how the colors interact.


Caribbean FLora Scarf Caribbean Flora Scarf

Caribbean Flora Scarf
Finished: 4/04
Pattern: simple garter stitch
Yarn: Trendsetter Yarns' Flora #202 (2 skeins)
Needles: #10
Notes: This scarf sat on the needles for 3 1/2 years simply because I was using the wrong needles (Inox metal); when I tried bamboo needles in '04, I finished it in no time.

Knitting with Flora was not so fun, felt very string-like. But, the finished fabric is soft and pliable, and the colors beautiful.

Pattern: Cast on 22 stitches; knit every row.

Here are my first pictures of Esther Williams:

Esther Williams Esther Williams

The color is somewhere between the two, but closer to the first. I was going to trial the pattern and then make one for my friend, but when I went stashdiving I saw this color and went "oooooh, perfect" and got started. So much for the trial.

There is a lot of stranding involved, which requires my attention, which means it's a little hard to get going these days. But I know the finished hat will be worth it, so I'll buckle down.

In other knitting news

The Buttercup is all knitted up, just needs some blocking:


I know, it looks just like all the other photos, except there's more of it. What? Yes, there's more of it, that proves I did do some knitting on it! The edges curl so I'm wondering if a pinned steam blocking will take care of it.

On the spinning front

Spun up the rest of the Wensleydale! That makes just under 4 oz spun to the same weight! That's the most of any one batch I've made! I waited to ply them all (3 spindles full) because if it's not there unplied to look at, I forget what I did and spin thinner. It's hard (for me) to tell from yarn that's already plied and set what thickness and twist I had put in. Is that something you get better at figuring out? Or do you just wait to ply, like me?

28: Winderwood Farms wensleydale

No, but my wrists are!

Blue Biffle Wristwarmers

Blue Biffle Wristwarmers
Started: 11/27/05
Finished: 11/28/05
Pattern: "Hand/Wrist Warmers" by Joelle Hoverson, Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Handspun 2 ply Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester, just under 2 oz
Needles: #7
Notes: My first handspun, handknit project. Very cool. The two balls were spun at different times and thus were quite different. The second ball was a lighter weight and much more consistent. It made a slightly smaller wristwarmer so I added an extra row at the end before binding off.

I loves them. They also have a nice color gradation from dark at the wrist to light at the fingers. Because I split the roving lengthwise before spinning, the two balls are pretty close in colors; you could say they (more or less) match.

And now go gawk

There are plenty of spinners out there making amazing things. I'm still operating on a spindle so the goings is slow. But lookie here, Lisa Souza handdyes roving and yarn, and one of her customers sent her pictures of a WHOLE SWEATER that she spindled and knit. Let me say that again: a WHOLE SWEATER! On a spindle! Good golly miss molly, makes my jaw drop.

Back of Buttercup

The knitting is done on Buttercup! She just needs a good blocking because like so many Canadians, she just wants to curl (I learned this from the Yarn Harlot's readers). The color is off, but you can see the back in this photo. I see a bunch of faces and I want to draw in the mouths; what do you see?


I joined me a new knitalong over at Poor Miss Finch:

It's for a cute hat that she designed. First one will be a test run, and then I have the perfect recipient in mind!

Ahh, that's more like it!

The first time I spun some of the Winderwood Farms Wensleydale, it came out microscopic. That's what it wanted to be, so that's what I spun. But no way am I knitting that up. This time, I decided what I wanted it to be:

28: Winderwood Farms Wensleydale

Muahahahaha! To be plied.

She's checkered, she's done

Trimmed the fringe yesterday and she's now a done deal. No recipient in mind, just wanted to use the yarn. She's soft, and a quick knit. And for a handdyed cashmere blend, quite affordable!

Summer Rain Checkered Scarf

Summer Rain Checkered Scarf
Finished: 11/27/05
Pattern: my own
Yarn: Danette Taylor's 70% lambswool / 30% cashmere in Summer Rain, one 3.5 oz skein
Needles: #9
Notes: The dye came off on my hands and needles on this yarn. Same thing happened with another Summer Rain yarn, so it could be something specific to that colorway. Haven't had that problem with any of her other colorways, though. Also, the photo doesn't do the colors justice!

This yarn is crazy soft for only 30% cashmere. It's fluffy without bits fluffing off. The #9 needles give it good drape, but for a non-scarf item, I think 8's, or possibly 7's, would be more comfortable.

To knit:
Cast on 18 sts.
* k3p3 across x 4 rows
* p3k3 across x 4 rows
Repeat these 8 rows until desired length or out of yarn. Fringe.

Introducing... Buttercup

I mentioned her briefly one day, but I don't think her photo made it out. Here she be, in all her foot and a half glory:

Buttercup - in progress

Cashmere loverliness. I worked on her at the Knitsmithy yesterday. Lucky for me I didn't have to reknit everything, it's hard to follow three conversations and knit at the same time.

My own handspun

Muahahahaha. Think of that TV bit that followed X-Files episodes - "I made that". That's what runs through my head when I work on this:

Blue Biffle Wristwarmers

It's knit with yarn I spun! My first handspun handknit! It's Fleece Artist blue faced leicester, and the first half was spun much before the second half was spun and plied. This means the first wristwarmer is a little bulkier and the yarn less even and the twist not quite so nice. In the photo you can see the one on the right is just a little bit skinnier. But I don't care! It's soft, it's cozy, it's purty.

Blue Biffle Wristwarmers