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The knitting's all done on the Multidirectional Silk Scarf from I have one problem, and one comment.

Notice the buckling? In the silk part?

Multidirectional Silk Scarf

That's the silk boucle not wanting to behave like an icelandic silk. I'm hoping a good stretched pinning and steaming will take care of that.

And the comment:

Multidirectional Silk Scarf

Notice the ends. One bulges out more than the other. I think there is a small problem with the pattern in Step 3, diagonal half diamonds. The first half diamond I followed the pattern and used and ended with 7 stitches over the 5 rows (that's the lower scarf end in the photo). It didn't seem right; the pattern is in multiples of 6, so I should have used and ended up with 6, not 7. But, what do I know, I figured I'd just trust the pattern.

Sure enough, I got to the end and was supposed to knit 6 but only had 5 stitches left. Yep, that's a problem. So I knit 5, and in the second diagonal half diamond, only knit 4 rows. That's the upper scarf end in the photo.

So, in conclusion, the diagonal half diamonds, if knit over 4 rows and using 6 stitches, would work out stitch-wise and give you a nicer looking end.

Also, this pattern is not fun to frog, and the boucle even less so. Otherwise, I might have maybe considered going back and redoing; then again, once I got to the end it was 39 triangles later, and each one took me a good 5-10 minutes... so yeah, chalk it up to experience.

Would I knit one again? Hmm, probably not. Too much turning every 1-5 stitches. On the plus side, it was a good excuse to learn to knit backwards. On the plus plus side, I LOVE the way the scarf looks. The colors coordinate nicely, and it feels and looks beautiful. It was worth doing once and learning the multidirectional stuff. 


Amanda asked about the cashmere blend I bought from Mini Mills. Their website is not great; I dug around and found a page on their fibers. It doesn't list the blend I bought, though. When I was there on honeymoon they said I could email them (or call) to order more. They were very friendly, just not high tech. In fact, we had trouble finding any internet access on The Island and just gave up and enjoyed quieter country living.

PumpkinMama asked about navajo plying. I've done it before, but since it's on a spindle, it's parking and slow goings. There is a video of it (on a wheel) at The Joy of Handspinning. If you've crocheted, think of it as making chains with really big loops.

Lookie what came in the mail -- stitchmarkers and soap from soapfibergal! They're from a trade on The Knitty Coffeeshop. I couldn't wait to use them. Look how purty! And they match the yarn perfectly.

Bead Stitch Markers

The soap smells wonderful. Thank you, soapfibergal!


What's that thing with the stitchmarkers, you ask? Yep, that's right, new project. I couldn't help myself. A friend was having trouble with the Multidirectional Silk Scarf on Magknits so I did a swatch to see what was going on, and well, this is what happened:

Multidirectional Silk Scarf - in progress

Me loves the colors, but I'm worried about how it will look in the end. The garter borders are knit in cashmere/wool from Danette Taylor, and the multidirectional part is her silk boucle. The original pattern calls for Artyarns Regal Silk, which is much slinkier. Here it is up close:

Multidirectional Silk Scarf - closeup

You can sorta make out the square that I just knit. Because it's boucle it doesn't have the same give, so... well, we'll see.

I took the plunge and steam blocked the Silky Soft Confection. Fingers are crossed.

Silky Soft Confection - blocking

The cashmere scarf is now about a foot long. Below is the back, which looks a little different from the front. The pattern is Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style. The original is knit with Muench's Touch Me, hence the "velvet"; but since mine is so very not velvet, I'm calling mine Vintage Unvelvet. Original, eh?

Vintage Unvelvet - in progress

And finally, I did some spinning! The brown is coopworth 2-ply. Worked on my long draw and non-parking techniques. It's a worsted to bulky weight, which was tough to do on my spindle (it's too light; good for finer yarns, though). Mebbe time to shop around for a second spindle. Any suggestions?

18: Brown coopworth 2-ply

The bottom skein is the Northern Mist quiviut/alpaca/merino blend that I spun the other day. I wound it around a small water bottle, and then put the ball around my wrist and plied it that way. Of course, it wasn't until it was all wound that I realized an empty water bottle would be easier...

I had seen a photo of something like this somewhere and thought I'd try it out. I like this method much better than the over-the-shoulders method. The ends don't twist around each other so much and I have much more control drawing them out. On the down side, it does take longer to wind. There's probably a way to incorporate the yarnwinder, maybe add something to the cone to increase the diameter...