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August 2007 - Posts

Jaywalkers in LL Amethyst Stripe

Amethyst Stripe Jaywalkers
Finished: 4/27/07
Pattern: Grumperina's Jaywalker Socks
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Amethyst Stripe
Needles: 2.5mm Addis
Notes: These were finished 4 days before Lily was born, photographed a month later, and then left to languish. I wanted to write a short something with the photos and it's been more than I could handle, organizing these simple thoughts. (My notes say I knit these in 4 days. I find that hard to believe. Then again, it was 4 days before Lily was born, and she was a week late...)

The first time I attempted Jaywalkers, it didn't end well. Funky pooling and the wrong needles. I've wanted to knit a pair since then, and these Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Amethyst Stripe were just the ticket.

Jaywalkers in LL Amethyst Stripe

I mentioned before that I didn't realize the Amethyst Stripe would, uh, stripe. We'll conveniently blame that one on the pregnancy. (Nevermind that I bought the first skein a year ago.) Speaking of which, the skeins were bought a year apart, different dyelots, but they match quite well:

Jaywalkers in LL Amethyst Stripe

I screwed up the double decreases and didn't realize until I had knit several inches:

Jaywalkers in LL Amethyst Stripe

I left it. It's fine. I'm lazy.

I'm pleased with the striping. The fit is tighter at the heel, requiring a few seconds longer to pull on; but snug and comfortable when worn.

Jaywalkers in LL Amethyst Stripe

Happy socks ready for fall!

I don't think my brain can put together too many words today, but I'll give it a try.

Had fun at Fiber Revival! Glad I went! Good to see fiber friends! Nice weather, though windy. Scott went and watched Lily, yay! Lily enjoyed wind; sun, not so much. Got some alpaca fleece, reddish-brown, soft. Cheryl enabled. Will blend with merino and silk. Yum. Looking forward to Rhinebeck and more fiber fun!


Here are some pics:

At Fiber Revival

At Fiber Revival

At Fiber Revival
Lily wearing the sweater Cheryl made for her

Seriously, I wasn't sure I'd make it. Lily has been sticking to her new 5 a.m. bedtime. Which would be fine (um, really?), except she doesn't want to go to bed at 5 a.m. She wants to go to bed at 8 p.m. Or 9 p.m. Or 10 p.m. Or, well, you get the picture. But she can't. sleep. (We suspect early teething.) She's become quite vocal about it too, whining and fussing. You'd need earplugs if you were in my head, I'm screaming, "SERENITY NOW!!! SERENITY NOW!!!" And trying to remember that, this too shall pass. And that she's not doing this to me. Oy. I'm thinking, This whining has got to go. But hey, I should get used to it, right? It ain't going anywhere for a while, eh? ("Serenity Now!!!") She was up til 7 a.m. Saturday morning. And if I hadn't missed every last fiber event this year, I would have been sorely tempted to stay home, sleep, and cry. But I knew that I would feel defeated and sunk down and cry anyway if I didn't go. I needed to go. I needed to be "among my peoples". Even if my braincells were only firing every other minute. Even if I wasn't sure I remembered how to carry on a conversation with adults. Even if I'd only be there for a few hours. And I'm so glad I went! It was a beautiful day, a lovely location, and it was so good to see fiber friends, hang out, talk the fiber. The wheel with its half dozen spinning/plying options, as well as two knitting projects, stayed in the car. Seriously, me spinning or knitting and carrying on a conversation? Ha! The alpaca fiber, seriously wonderful. Darker than I was planning, but I couldn't walk away without some. I felt so good on the drive home. Refreshed. You know those blurbs at the beginning of some shows, parodied by Sesame Street? "Brought to you by the letter 'E'"? Well, the day was brought to me by Scott. Couldn't have done it without him.

At Fiber Revival
flying Lily

At Fiber Revival
at the end of the day

At Fiber Revival
even superheros need a nap

At Fiber Revival
er, power nap

Three weeks seems to be my manageable post-interim. How sad.

With empty bobbins comes the need to fill them:

Miss Babs BFL in Rock Wall - singles
Miss Babs BFL in Rock Wall - for 3-ply

All of them:

Spunky Eclectic merino/silk in The New Black - singles
Spunky Eclectic merino/silk in The New Black

Every last one:

Miss Babs SW Merino batt in Sunrise! - singles
Miss Babs superwash batt in Sunrise! (color SO not accurate)

Big projects require more brain cells (and time) than I have to spare, so socks in plain:

Jester socks - in progress
plain sock in Fleece Artist Merino Sock yarn in Jester

and fancy:

Embossed Leaves Socks - in progress
Embossed Leaves Socks in Koigu KPPPM in P323

With limited time for creative outlet, I've been at least trying to match sock yarns to patterns as well as I can. The Fleece Artist in Jester is too busy for patterning, so that was an easy decision. For Embossed Leaves, I thought the "leafy" Koigu colors would be a nice complement. But I'm not sure if the darker colors obscure the leaves; and perhaps it's too literal, too:

Embossed Leaves Socks - in progress

Ah well. Sock one was finished at the Yarn Harlot signing in Burlington, MA a couple of weeks ago, and sock 2 is almost done. I think I like 'em anyway.

I do have one bigger project on the needles. Needed something after finishing FBS. More soon.