When I found out a few weeks ago that my parents would be visiting Lily during my birthday, I immediately decided we were going to Minado for All You Can Eat Sushi to celebrate. It's been MONTHS since I've had sushi. Maybe even a YEAR. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with family and sushi???

Baby girl and I dressed up for the occasion. For months I've been stuck wearing yoga pants and stretchy/roomy t-shirts, and even post-delivery most of my pre-pregnancy clothes don't fit. My hips have grown an irrecoverable 1-2". BUT. While showering (space of creativity) I remembered a skirt that sat on the hips, which now comfortably sits at the waist:


and a summery button-down shirt that seemed nursing-friendly and color-coordinated. I can't tell you how happy it made me to wear regular clothes. (AND to be showered AND have blowdried hair! Woohoo!)

Baby girl wore Tangerine Cardi and man did it look cute on her:


I love this pic:


I had forgotten all about the cardi, thinking it would be weeks before she'd be able to wear it. Newborns grow fast.

The ladybug buttons are too cute. Seeing her in the cardi makes me want to knit another, this time out of lighter weight yarn. (Still no knitting-while-nursing, but I've read more in the last couple of weeks than in the last year!)

What's that on her feet, you ask?


Pink Converse Chuck Taylors. Of course. From The Gap. Scott saw them and had to have them. They make her feet look huge:


But there's plenty of room in them to grow into.

Isn't my mom cute?


Happy and sushi-sated:

(my brother was able to fly up at the last minute)

Adding to my smile:

My sister and her 2 kids flew up the weekend before. AND she made her fabulous ice cream roll cake. My nephew's birthday is 2 days after mine (turning 2!) and he was so excited when that cake came out! He didn't know it had anything to do with him; I think he found the lit candles exciting. Once he heard his name in the Happy Birthday song, his face lit up even more, and he was thrilled to blow out the candles with me:




2 weekends, 2 celebrations, the entire family, plus the new family:


Ahhh. What a wonderful birthday.