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May 2007 - Posts

We were overwhelmed and touched by your responses to Lily's arrival. Thank you so much.

I don't know that I can express anything approaching "life after baby". Certainly changed. Certainly amazing. Certainly happy. Lily's been wonderful and made the transition so much easier than we could have imagined. At her one week visit yesterday, she weighed in at 8 lb, having gained 5 oz from her birth weight! Needless to say, she's eating well.

the power of the boob

The nipples, unfortunately, have paid the price, and the past couple of days have been really rough. I know it's short-lived and am soldiering on.

She's also sleeping well at night (don't hate me). She's been surprisingly alert during the day


and entertains us with her ever changing expressions.


We marvel at her calmness and seeming curiosity. She's a delight.


And to keep the gods of irony from striking me down, I'll stop there.

During in-hospital labor, I was able to utilize my theatre training to ride the contractions and let my body do its thing. (Who knew it would come in so handy?) Labor definitely wasn't what I expected, despite being at my niece's birth, and seeing videos and whatnot. But I think it's the kind of thing you can only know by experiencing. (And, thank goodness for the body's chemical that inhibits memory.)

I knit 2, maybe 3 rounds on a sock at the hospital, and a few inches more since coming home; but I've got a few pre-labor knitting projects to show (soon): actual finished Jaywalkers, a Retro Rib sock and the starts of an Alien Scarf. Now that I'm able to sit at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time, I hope to be back to some semblance of blogging. Scott's been home helping out, and when he goes back to work, my mom will be here for a few weeks. It frightens me to imagine what will happen after she goes home... but... I'm hoping that life then will be different than life now (can you say, human milk dispenser?) and that I'll have more mini-chunks of time strung together than I do now. One can hope, right?

New addition

New addition

Lily Sayaka
Born May 1, 2007 at 2:59 pm *
7 lb 11 oz, 21 inches

Mom and baby are happy and healthy, Dad is enthralled. More soon.


* She must have wanted to be born in May; contractions started at 1 am!