Yesterday's title was an obscure BSG reference. How geeky am I?

The Goods

From Morehouse Farm Merino, enough laceweight for a simple raglan cardigan:

Morehouse Farm Merino lace

merino something or other (2 strand?) for a scarf or hat or other:

Morehouse Farm Merino

more laceweight, handdyed, for lace scarves:

Morehouse Farm Merino lace

All from the sale bin! Happy dance!

At Little Barn, 8 oz bombyx silk and 1 lb merino/silk to be dyed (bombyx to be blended, yum!):

Bombyx and merino/silk from Little Barn
I know, boring picture

Some lurvly Crosspatch Creations at Carolina Homespun:

Crosspatch Creations batts from Carolina Homespun 

Blended rovings at A Touch of Twist. Rambouillet/silk:

A Touch of Twist rambouillet/silk

and wool/nylon for socks:

A Touch of Twist wool/nylon

Handdyed merino/silk at Cloverleaf Farm, same vendor as my Falling Leaves shawl:

Cloverleaf Farms merino/silk
I'll try my luck at combining two more colorways

And the yummy handdyed cormo/alpaca from Foxhill Farm:

Foxhill Farms cormo/alpaca
yum yum yum yum yum

In the final analysis

Inevitably, I compared Rhinebeck with my experience at MDSW. Having gone to MDSW, I was not as overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people and stimuli, but I know some were. Here are my thoughts.

Pros for Rhinebeck

  • Just as Judy and Linda described, the grounds at Rhinebeck were nicer. Not as dusty, nicer layout. There weren't the swarms of people that is MDSW. It was definitely more breathable and relaxed.
  • Fall weather means people wearing knits! I loved seeing handknits everywhere.
  • I loved the fall foliage. Loved it. And not just 'cuz it matched my shawl.
  • The food at Rhinebeck was really good and reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to eat there again.

Pros for MDSW

  • There are more vendors at MDSW. It's good to have a game plan and pace yourself. There's a lot to see and do.
  • There are more events at MDSW. More classes. And more sheep.
  • The fleece show at MDSW can't be beat. Period. When I go back to MDSW (next year I'll be in labor or recovering, so maybe 2008?), I will definitely want to volunteer at the fleece show and sale. Besides meeting some really nice folks, I learned a heck of a lot about fleeces and breeds in those few short days. A heck of a lot.
  • I felt there were more opportunities to try wheels at MDSW. I was a little disappointed that there weren't more at Rhinebeck.


  • I did better with purchases at Rhinebeck, but only because of what I learned buying at MDSW. I didn't buy anything that I regret, and I'm proud of that.
  • There were more people I knew at Rhinebeck. Most likely because it's closer to home. But also, I know more people now than I did then.

PS:  I did make noise about the early departure on Saturday. Unfortunately for my sleepy head, I would do it again. Not only was Martha right about our parking spot, but we were able to enjoy the grounds and start our shopping before the rush.