It's the first weekend in a long time that we've had the luxury of really lounging and enjoying a full day. We tried out a new breakfast place, wandered the mall, saw our first full price movie in years (The DaVinci Code, courtesy of a wedding gift certificate), and then went out for dinner. Sea bass. Yum. It's been a while since we've had a day like that. I was thinking it's been since finding out we were gonna be laid off about a year ago, but more likely it's been since we bought the house (2.5 years). Mortgages change lifestyles, eh?

At the mall, they had posterboards announcing new residences/condos they were building next to the mall and the new Neiman Marcus. Residences. Practically in the mall. Who would want to live next to the mall??? It boggles my mind.


We visited Gram before the wedding. I mentioned that my birthday was coming up and she asked how old I was gonna be.

Me: I'm gonna be 34.

Gram: Oh, you're getting old!

Hahaha, thanks, Gram.

It's been a while since we took photos with Gram:

us n gram

One with her almost smiling (with a hint of mischief):

scott and gram

Gram's been doing a lot better recently which has been great. We asked Gram to take our photo, and this was the best one:

ready to party

We cracked up. She kept cutting Scott's head off. She'd start out okay but then her arms would slowly lower while she was taking the photo, or they'd angle down when she clicked. Scott said she was always cutting something out of photos ever since he's known her. Hehe.

Scott was happy to sneak in these with his suit:


He hates "shoes" (dress shoes) and has been trying to wear sneakers with his suit for as long as I've known him. He wore shoes for our wedding but then changed to black sneaks for the reception. You pick your battles, right?

The wedding was for a family friend that I haven't seen since high school. His family surprised us by driving 2 hours to come to my high school graduation! The next day we moved and I then went off to college and between one thing then another, I haven't seen them since. Fast forward 16 years. What a trip! The youngest was 4 when I last saw him; it took a while to get over the fact that he and his next older brother were adults, all grown up! Time warp, my brain had trouble catching up. Surreal. In the midst of all the change, some things haven't changed. They're still a great group of people, good hearts.

They told me I haven't changed at all. Dude, I so don't get carded (all the time) now! :P

Just one photo from the wedding:

chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain. 'Nuff said.


I spent more time frogging than knitting this weekend, turning the White and Black Merino Sweater into this:

recycled yarn

The yarn is a very soft and cushy merino that was a shame to waste. Because of the stripes, though, many of these bundles are pretty small, and I had to toss at least a full ball's worth of yarn. Still, I have hopes of giving this yarn purpose.


I had my first spinning lesson Monday morning. It's one of the few things for which I would sacrifice getting to sleep in. (If you don't know me, that's saying a lot.) Barbara Clorite-Ventura from BASD spent a couple of hours with me. We covered a lot of ground, which is probably best left for another post. Almost as helpful as all the tips and new things I learned  was hearing that I'm doing pretty well.

Spinning is an inherently tactile endeavor. I think it's harder to communicate qualities of fiber and spun yarn through photos than it is knitted items. Maybe it's because we have a broader base of comparison for knitted items and commercial yarns. Not only can we compare fit and style to other garments, but we have a fairly common vocabulary in many commercial yarns. We've touched that Debbie Bliss or Noro or Brown Sheep yarn, we know how it feels, we've probably seen sample swatches, knitted garments, or even used these yarns ourselves. We can take photos of someone's knitted project and imagine it three-dimensionally, and possibly even tactilely.

On the other hand, we have less experience with spun yarn. How does it feel? How does it behave? Or even, what is good spun yarn? What is better spun yarn? What makes it good yarn? Without a basis for comparison, a common vocabulary, or perhaps, years of experience, it's harder to gauge through a photo. Ergo, harder for me to know how I'm doing. Maybe it's just me, though. What's your experience?