I had a wonderful time at the wedding this weekend, though I'm sure I was foolish at least a half dozen times or more.

The wedding was at Hammond Castle in Gloucester, MA. Yup, a castle!

Hammond Castle

We took advantage of the scenic photo spot (above left archway). It's a bit overcast (was supposed to be raining all day) so the color is a bit washed out, but look, it's right on the water!

Hammond Castle - Me n Scott

We clean up good, hunh?

No castle is complete without a moat and drawbridge:

Hammond Castle - moat and bridge

Inside, after passing through a series of hallways and stairs... the ceremony was performed here:

Hammond Castle - interior

followed by reception.


Hammond Castle - interior

and Impressive interior:

Hammond Castle - interior

Post ceremony happy hour on the grassy terrace, which overlooked an expansive... thing of water... bay? Ocean? No photos of the water to share, just the castle exterior:

Hammon Castle - outside

Look, we're so happy! Doesn't she look fab?

With the bride

Look, I'm so happy dancing!


Me and Scott with the newlyweds:

Us with the bride and groom

I had the honors of being the first to tell the groom that his wife was calling.

My legs are sore today. From all that dancing. And it hurts to laugh. Is that sad or what?