It's late so I'm going to try to keep this brief.

The Haul

I warned you earlier in the week that I spent an obscene amount of money at MDS&W. If you're uncomfortable with that sort of thing, read no further. If, however, you lust after lovely handdyed and luxury fibers, and are happy to drool on your keyboard, read on.

Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, purchased from Carolina Homespun:

Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks

I've been lusting after CRD's stuff for a little while now. Once I realized Carolina Homespun carried it, I made a beeline. It was tough to pick colors and to limit my purchase. Stuff adds up fast.

merino/silk in Lagoon:

Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, silk/merino in Lagoon

cashmere/silk in Mendocino Hedges:

Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks, cashmere/silk in Mendocino Hedges

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, merino/tencel in Purple Rain, puchased from The Fold:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, merino/tencel in Purple Rain

I saw the piles of STR but I have 2 skeins that have yet to become socks, so I chose to try out their dyed fiber instead. Call me crazy.

Happy Hippie, optim in Free Love, purchased from Coughlin's Homespun Yarns:

Happy Hippie, optim in Free Love

Optim is stretched merino and is said to be as soft (or almost as soft?) as cashmere. Nice stuff.

Cloverleaf Farms, merino/silk in 2 colorways:

Cloverleaf Farms, merino/silk

The plan is to ply one strand of each and make something like a shawl. The colors are really gorgeous and I think they'll blend nicely together.

Foxhill Farm, cormo/alpaca:

Foxhill Farm, cormo/alpaca

Very nice, soft. Same vendor as my cormo fleece (yep, I still owe you a picture).

Winterhaven Fiber Farm, cormo in Autumn:

Winterhaven Fiber Farm, cormo in

Not as soft as the Foxhill Farm stuff, but the colors are beautiful, richer than in the photo. Preparation is a little neppy, but it's also soft and springy.

Morehouse Farm Merino, lace merino:

Morehouse Farm Merino, lace merino

I had no idea the stuff was so soft, I couldn't resist. It's the only skein I brought back.

A Touch of Twist, rambouillet/silk:

A Touch of Twist, rambouillet/silk

purty, ain't it?

and rambouillet:

A Touch of Twist, rambouillet

It's on fire! I haven't spun with rambouillet yet, looking forward to seeing how these spin up.

Liberton Corriedales, corriedale fleece:

Liberton Corriedales, corriedale fleece

At $5 per pound, I couldn't resist. Good practice for the cormo fleece. They had some yarns processed from their corriedale from 2 different processors, and one of them was so soft, I really wanted to bring some home. Really wanted. Gotta limit the yarn intake. Sigh.

Besides the above, also picked up a mess of stuff at Little Barn. Their luxury stuff was discounted about 25%, so I got some cashmere, yak, merino 125's...

Okay, some observations:

  • hmm, you think I like red?
  • hmm, you think I like silk?
  • hmm, you think I lost my mind?