These are the photos that go with yesterday's post. :)

Picovoli progress

Picovoli - in progress

The irregularity on the right is the end of skein one. One skein goes along way, doesn't it?

I'm very ambivalent about skein size. When I'm counting stash, having a good number of skeins is a good thing (if there's space) because it means you have more flexibility in project choice. But man, a sweater's worth of yarn takes up a lot of space. When I'm knitting and measuring project progress by number of skeins used, each skein seems sooooo long. And then, the stash seems enormous! If it takes x hours to knit one skein of yarn, how long will it take to knit through the stash??? When I'm afraid of running out of yarn, each skein seems smaller, each yard more precious. Then I'm worrying about squeezing out an extra row or two with the last yards of each ball.

Each Provence skein is 125 grams - larger than usual. I have 3 skeins total, but I'm guessing I'll finish it with 2. That's some serious yardage.

DRCB progress

DRCB - in progress

Today I gave the cabling without a cable needle method a try. It's come up a few times recently so I thought I should at least figure out what the hullabaloo is all about.

Convenience. That's what it's all about. Speed? Hmm, not sure. If I were knitting something like a sock, with many stitches in constrained quarters, I'd definitely use the cableneedleless method. On this project... I'll try it for a few inches and see how I like it.

Wheel progress

Well, no photo. But it's at the post office, so there'll be photos tomorrow!

And the haircut

New haircut

Swish, swish

New haircut

Yup, that's spin-dye-knit-a-scarf. First time out. A little scratchy but purty. And that (gasp!) non-black top? Also cashmere, on (serious) sale, nabbed this weekend. Told you it was a busy weekend. :)