Thanks for the suggestions on the bonnet cables, all good ideas. I shall mull it over and distract myself with...

Look, a finished object!

Curlycue scarf

It's the Curlycue scarf I've been working on for-e-vah and a day. It came out really cute! So glad it's done. Just need to steam to set the curlies and it's off to my niece.

I finished it at the Fabric Place Knitters Club on Friday and got up and did a weird victory/celebratory dance. I couldn't help myself, and I couldn't figure out what kind of dance I was doing; it reminded me of a Native American dance that you see in documentaries. Very strange.

When I got home I was surfing and came across someone selling their Anny Blatt angora/ribbon scarf kit, and it reminded me that I wanted to try out mohair and ribbon for a scarf. The only thing holding me back before was not knowing if I'd have enough for a scarf. Well, that and not wanting to knit with mohair because of Scott's allergies. I did some searching, found out the Anny Blatt angora and ribbon were lower in yardage than what I had, so with much mohair caution, I started:


I love how the ribbon picks up the light. It's a simple seed stitch; I tried fancier stuff but it wasn't as effective. The mohair is Birds of Paradise by Danette Taylor, the ribbon is Erdal yarns Harlequin bought on eBay. They happen to match perfectly, as if made for each other.


Last some stash pics. The yarn arrived during the Knitting Olympics and there was just too much going on so I put off posting. And again. And again. Well, I'm tired of them sitting around in flickr!

These are from handpainted wool on eBay, purchased through the Yarn Coop. Like Malabrigo, they are soft, kettle-dyed singles. Like Malabrigo used to be, they were quite affordable. This one was a well run coop, it took about 6 weeks from payment to receipt.


Mmm. Soooft. Purrty.


After much searching online, I bought some syringes from KV Vet (an online pet supplier) in 4 sizes:

Syringes for dyeing

Prices were really good, shipping was fast. These syringes are great for measuring and for placing dye. Skooshing. Yeah.

I also bought some Henry's Attic undyed Kona superwash, Monty and Andromeda (silk-merino) last month. No need for photos, it's natural colored, on cones. No need to discuss quantities, let's not go there. It was a liquidation sale from someone who used to handdye yarn. She also sold me a bunch of Jacquard dyes for a good price, too. I'm not to buy any more yarn until my birthday. June. Unless I sell some...

I sold some yarn! Well, I was trying to raise funds to buy some fiber for dyeing. But promptly spent it at the Knitters Breakfast last week. But I also swung some trades:

My first Lorna's Laces (mmm, soft):

LL Shepherd Sock

and 2 oz each of cashmere batt, silk caps and mohair:

fiber from trade

Phew. I'm pooped, are you?