Hehe, yeah, busted. Who knew he read my blog? I thought he was a skimmer.

Gram's not doing so well. This week has been a rough one. It's getting tough, so tough.

A nice dose of color is just what we need:

Dyed Finn

That's the Finn I had dyed, last seen in piles of strips. This is about 4 oz, or equal in weight to the largest batch I have spun to date. 4 oz left, and I foresee it will go quickly. I love watching the colors. I'm a sucker for colors.

Arrrgh - almost done

Is it just me, or does three rows of skulls and crossbones begin to look menacing??

Arrrgh - almost done

Arrrgh could easily have been my Knitting Olympics project. It has been challenging and has pushed me in many ways. More on that another time.

Speaking of Knitting Olympics...

I wasn't altogether happy with the smaller skein of cashmere, it just didn't look good. The skein was very twisty, despite the relatively loose plying.

Then it hit me. Maybe it was under-plied. A skein will twist if under- or over-plied. To test, I took a small section, added more twist, and then let relax to see if it would twist upon itself. It didn't. A-ha!

I re-plied and am much happier. Here is the before shot again:

KO Cashmere - plied

And after:

KO Cashmere, re-plied

And tonight, a little math:

KO Cashmere - soaking



= ???