We're getting ready to move onto the spin-dye-knit-a-scarf stage. Stage 2, if you're keeping track. :)

Being short on time, and red being one of my favoritest colors, I decided to try for the rich red from my red color study. The base is a brown/grey yarn, mine is white. I solicited advice and suggestions and tried out 6 combos (6 jars, 6 combos; I can't make Scott eat salsa any faster).

I liked the darkest intensity, which was a 4% dye solution, so I kept that. This time I worked with 10g mini skeins (12 wraps, I'm catching on), so 40 mL of dye solution did the job (you can see the math in my previous post).

The mixes are:

  1. 1 mL brown, 39 mL cherry red
  2. 2 mL brown, 38 mL cherry red
  3. 1 mL black, 39 mL cherry red
  4. 2 mL black, 38 mL cherry red
  5. 5 mL silvery grey, 35 mL cherry red (because less grey did not seem to make a difference)
  6. 5 mL black, 35 mL cherry red

KO Search for Red

Woah, isn't #6 way black? Strong stuff.

And in the bath:

KO Search for Red

1, 2, 3 and 5 seem like possibilities. Hard to tell until they're dry.

And here's where it gets tough to get any feedback. Not much sun this morning. Not so great photos. But again, I ask you to stretch your imagination and work with me. The colors are somewhere between the wet and dry photos. :)

KO Search for Red

I included the "target" and "red" skeins for reference; red is cherry red on white, and target is cherry red on brown/grey.

What do you think? Be honest, it's okay, I won't bite. Here's another photo:

KO Search for Red

I'm thinking maybe #2, maybe #1. We can rule 5 and 6 out. 6 is too dark, 5 is too bright. And the other black mixes, 3 and 4, seem too muted, too dreary. Well, that's what black does, I guess. Tone things down. #2 is not quite there, though. Other suggestions I received were to add some olive, or a bit of green. Don't have either, but could mix green. But. That's more experimenting. And. Well. Don't wanna. Don't wanna!

Hahaha. So I might go with #2. Unless I look at it again in the sunlight and think, blech. You know?