I put in some good time on the cashmere last night:

KO Cashmere

And then was pooped. Pooped, I say! I'm almost halfway through the 2 oz. It's actually a nice white, but at night that's the best photo you're gonna get.

I'm not gonna say anything about how I think it'll come out. It'll be what it'll be, and I'll do the best that I can, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot in the process. So there.


I've named this project Arrrgh, for a few reasons. It's a piratey hat. Arrrgh. It cracks me up. Arrrgh. And I'm sure to make a lot of mistakes and otherwise be feeling the Arrrgh-ness of it all.

Arrrghh - in progress

Case in point. One repeat done and you can see the cool pattern emerging. Loverly. Then, arrrgh. See the red arrow? See how tight those stitches are? They're positively pinched! I knew I was headed for the cliffs when the skulls looked best stretched vertically. A hat will not be stretched vertically when worn. But I plunged on. Right about the top of the eyes I got into a groove and relaxed my stitches. Big difference. Yeah, you guessed it. I had a "hmmm" moment. Hmmm. Do I need to redo this? Last night I tried it on Scott and it was tight, but too tight? Tough to tell. The needles get in the way.

(In hindsight, I could have moved some stitches to another set of circs and had my answer right then and there. But at the time, I did not have a "hmmm" moment.)

Today I knit enough additional rows with the nicer relaxed stitches so that, trying it on Scott again, it was very clear. Too tight.


Scott had such a sad look. It must be a tough rollercoaster ride for him. The hope, the potential, believing that it may actually happen, seeing enough progress to allow himself to get excited and maybe even a little emotionally attached. And then the setback, disappointment, and expectations of the familiar downward spiral into unrecoverable UFO*-ness... Poor kid.

Arrrgh, this hat will be done, matey. Don't you fret.


* for the uninitiated, UFO = UnFinished Object