Thanks for your words of commiseration on the Creamsicle T neckline. I'll figure something out.

I also got a chuckle out of your reactions to my Knitting Olympics project. To be honest, I am very apprehensive about dyeing the cashmere, knitted or spun or fluff. It seems like the kind of thing that shouldn't be taken so lightly. Spinning cashmere, on the other hand, I think of as "no time like the present". I don't want to hold onto it like some precious cargo waiting for the perfect project. I have yarn like that and it just sits, waiting, taking up space and adding to my guilt. What's the difference? Between being apprehensive dyeing it and having no problems spinning it, I mean? To me, it's the time put in spinning and knitting. I could have a perfectly good scarf that will be ruined by a craptastic dye job, y'know? Ahem, a perfectly good cashmere lace scarf. Ruined. If it's ill spun it's still usable. If it's spun and knit and usable and I ruin it, my shoulders will sag for a day or five.

Speaking of cashmere, here is the fiber:


Good blogger. [woof]

I took photos of the dye experiment, but I'll post about them tomorrow, I think. I'm too excited about some other photos that just came in:

Round 1: Scared witless Round 2: Getting ready to grab bar

Round 4: Wow! Catch 1

Trapeze School! A good example of pictures speaking louder than words. These are not even the best photos, you can see all the Trapeze School photos or go back and read the story. Thanks to Shuley for organizing a great event!