To prepare for KO dyeing, I have been doing a little experimenting with color gradients. More on that soon.

Today's WTF moment is brought to you courtesy of the T Shirt Sweater.

Creamsicle T is close to done. Ends woven in, just the neckline to finish.

I followed the instructions, pick up stitches, cast off on the next row. No problem. Except, it looked like crap.

Hmm. Where did I go wrong? Not that many ways you can pick up and cast off.

What should it look like? There are lots of photos of the T Shirt Sweater in the book:

t-shirt sweater

Kinda hard to see the neckline. Next.

t-shirt sweater

Hmm, even worse. Next.

t-shirt sweater

It's tiny! Come on guys, show me some neck.

t-shirt sweater

[grumble grumble]

t-shirt sweater

Mostly hair...

t-shirt sweater

More hair!

You've got to be kidding me. Out of 6 photos of this sweater, none of them shows clear neckline details! WTF??? 6 photos people. 6!!!

[more grumbling]

Okay. Let's zoom in on the 3 that showed any neckline. Candidate 1:

t-shirt sweater

[grumbledy grump]

Candidate 2:

t-shirt sweater


Candidate 3

t-shirt sweater


Can you tell what's going on?

Frustrated, I tried... something else. What can I say, attempt #2 was unmemorable. Attempt #3 was rollneck to match the sleeves:

Creamsicle T - almost done!

but it's just not working for me. I think a simple neckline like the photos (what little you can see) works best; I guess I'll have to figure out how to make it so.

(You know, it's probably something really simple that will have me hooting and hollering at my own folly. Really.)