Thanks for your kind words about my Obaachan, they are much appreciated.

Thanks also for your comments on the Stained Glass yarn; once it's dry I'll try out a swatch and figure out what it wants to be.

To answer a few questions:

Pumpkinmama asked, what was your technique for re-plying? Unply and do again, or send through as two ply just putting more twist in?
I think it was more accurate to call it "ply it some more" vs "re-ply". Basically I ran it through again and gave it more twist. Worked like a charm.

Leisel asked, I like the yarn you're using for your spiral scarf... what is it?
The yarn is from Danette Taylor, it's a superwash merino in Bramble Rose, but feels like a different yarn than her usual, maybe Louet Gems. This was a particularly deep red shade of Bramble Rose, too. Love it.

Linda asked, Oooh, are those Elfa?
You betcha, Elfa shelves from The Container Store, purchased during their annual 30% sale. I'm already planning next year's purchase!

Dyeing Finn

Last week I put the new Jacquard Acid Dyes to the test. The cheap tools came in handy: drop cloth to protect the floor, turkey baster to transfer dye solution to the squeeze bottles:

Very little spillage, though you get what you pay for; $1.69 turkey basters leak somewhat so timing was essential.

Did I mention I bought an electric roaster that same day? Hmm, no? Kohl's was having a sale, it was almost half off... yeah, I've been spending way too much lately. The fun will stop soon...

I soaked two 4 oz portions of Finn roving with a few drops of dish detergent for about an hour, then layered haphazardly into the roaster. Following a combo of instructions from Hello Yarn and Fibernation, I squirted stripes of red, yellow and sky blue (primary my ass), and then added some black over top to darken the lot. I was skeptical, but I figured I'd try the instructions out first and bitch and moan later. ;)

Finn in the roaster

I then added water and vinegar (probably too much), being careful to pour along the walls (roaster, not kitchen) and not on the fiber. Then I added some more water and vinegar because it seemed the water should cover the fiber. It almost did...

3 hours at 180 degrees and a movie to distract me. No peeking! Kinda smelly.

Turned it off and let it cool overnight. In the morning:

Finn in the roaster: cooked

The whitish spots are water droplets on fiber. All morning at work all I could think about was seeing how the fiber turned out! Too bad I didn't get up early enough to rinse and hang.

Here's how it turned out:

Finn, rinsed and dried

So yeah, not at all what I expected. Kinda cool and interesting, though.

Lessons learned:

  • The black did not blend. Or it sort of did. I think I didn't have enough water for the black to migrate around. The darkest areas were along the walls (roaster, not kitchen).
  • The blue is too light. Primary, my ass. It throws off the other blended values and is kinda weird, just doesn't belong in this batch. Although, who knows what it will look like spun up? It could end up my favorite part.
  • I needed more dye. The top layer came out pretty good, but the bottom layer did not get as much color. No wonder the dye exhausted (well, coulda been all that vinegar, too).
  • Love the cherry red.