Tonight is my second BASD meeting, and the first where wheels, and not food, are the focus. Aaaahhh, my wheel arrived just in time. Can't wait! They'll be demonstrating how to make boucle yarn. There's a list of, uh, well, not ingredients, but... yeah, you get the idea, stuff you need to make this particular boucle yarn. And one of the ingredients is 3 empty bobbins. Hmm.

Enter speed spinning:

37: Superwash Winter Solstice

Just over 4 oz of superwash merino. I can't begin to imagine how long that would have taken with a spindle. Or the cramp I would have in my left hand and right shoulder. [shudder]

Not that I don't love my spindles; they have served me quite well.

Enough talk. I have an hour to ply it. And wind it off the bobbin!