Knitting during commutes is a thing of the past, but I still get morning anxiety -- do I have enough knitting? what should I bring?? -- before I remember. In a way, I miss it, commuter knitting. Focused time with few distractions and nothing else to do. No computer or TV to get in the way; only elbows and newspapers to battle. I think a good chunk of knitting time is lost on browsing time at home: blogs, forums, sales; too addictive. I need to learn to get away from the computer. (Except to post and process photos, of course.)

Lunch hours are whittled to half an hour now, instead of the hour I had at my last job. Again, less knitting time. (No complaints, just less knitting throughout the day and a lot more in the evening.) Today I finally knit a few rows on my portable project during lunch. Here's a photo from last week:

Curlycue Scarf - in progress

Yep, Ruffles from Scarf Style, in yarn to match my niece's Bramble Roll Hat. Since it's for a 7 year old, I didn't want it to be so large. The thinner yarn takes care of part of that problem, and I also cast on 2 less stitches. It's purty.

I thought ruffles throughout might be too much. Scott had the idea of making the ends ruffles with a straight stretch in between, so I'll give that a try. With all the back and forth and curling about, this scarf will take (me) a while to finish. Could have to do with my knitting ADD.

Speaking of knitting ADD, I started a new project last night. While I wait for you to stop snickering and rolling your eyes, I'll explain. You know I really want to make the Bistro Shirt despite its short-sleeved inappropriateness for winter. I finally caved and hunted for non-wool in the right gauge. I don't have much non-wool. I do have some supersoft merino from a Knittyboard swap in bright colors that don't suit me that I've been wanting to use for months. It's wool, though... Hmm, it's the right gauge. But it's wool... Hmm, the t-shirt sweater from ella rae designs also knits to 18 sts / 4". Interesting, I've wanted to make that for a while. Yarn and pattern that I've wanted to use for a while. Hmm. I should knit a swatch. A swatch will come in handy no matter what I make. Hmm, swatch knits to gauge and damn that's soft. I need to keep knitting with it. How many stitches do I cast on??

See? See how it happens? And still no Bistro Shirt.

Don't you worry about my WIP count, I did a few more rows on Kiri; I am determined to do a few rows each day and get it done this year.

No wheel for you

The wheel plan was to go to The Fiber Studio in New Hampshire, but a friend is shopping for a, um, special white dress, so that takes prioritiy. Maybe next weekend!

Special Mayo

I love knitters/spinners/crafters. Catherine in UK offered to send me some Heinz mayo! Yay! I'll find some cool yarn to send in return. Thanks, Catherine!