I stopped in at Woolcott & Co while I was "in town" yesterday. Yep, that's the one in Harvard Square. Picked up Ella Rae's book #1,

Ella Rae Designs

the one with the t-shirt sweater I've seen around. Well, that's the long sleeve version.

Ella Rae Designs Ella Rae Designs

And next to it, another sweater in the style I'm suddenly covetous of.

This was courtesy of a gift certificate from a trade. Free book!

While I was wandering (which describes my state of mind, not physical movements, that store is tiny), I heard spinning talk. My ears perked. I mosied over and was delighted to find 3 spinners chatting about starting up a spinning group at Woolcott. A bit far for me, but Paula (one of the three) asked if I had heard of the Boston Area Spinners and Dyers. I had seen their outdated website and figured they were defunct. Not so! They meet once a month in Sudbury, which is a bit far for Paula, but doable for me. There are something like 60 members, with about 20 showing up each week. Wahoo! Spindling with spinners! 20 questions with spinners! Oohing and aahing over spun yarn with spinners! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Man, I don't miss driving in Harvard Square.


When I eat too much sugar or salt, I get bumps on my tongue. For sweets, it's midway up; for salty, on the tip. I don't know if it's the tastebuds gone cuckoo, but it hurts and its sucks. It keeps me from eating more sweet or salty for a while. Anyone else get this?

I bring this up because I started getting the first tinglings in the middle of my tongue after eating french fries with ketchup. When I was a kid we'd have "my fire is bigger than your fire!" ketchup contests along with our "my french fry is bigger than your french fry!" competitions. Somewhere in high school I learned how much sugar is in ketchup and reduced ketchup intake drastically. Lately, I've been using just a little bit more here and there, but see, the tingles, that's my body's way of saying, "Yo, back away from the ketchup." Bizarre, isn't it?