Woke up to snow today:

Thanksgiving snow

We spent Thanksgiving with Gram. Hope everyone had a good day!

Saw Harry Potter last night at the Jordan's Furniture IMAX. Was cool to see it so big. There were moments during close ups that I realized, man, that head is 3 stories tall. Hehe.

Plied while waiting in line. By the way people were looking, you'd think this was not a common occurrence... Turned this (Winderwood Farms Corriedale):

26: Winderwood Farms Corriedale Cross

into this:

26: Winderwood Farms Corriedale Cross - plied

Just looking at it makes me queasy. The colors were just not meant to be combined this way. Oy. I know navajo plying would have been better but got optimistic. Now what? Is there an easy way to un-ply this?

To soothe the visual palette, here is some Winderwood Farms merino silk, which is quite soft.

25: Winderwood Farms merino-silk

We ate at Minado in Natick before the movie. Man, all you can eat sushi. Need I say more? I've never been to a Japanese food all you can eat buffet before. I LOVED it. Yummmm.

Most of the knitting on the Hourglass Sweater is done!

Hmm, scattered mind. Can you tell?