It finally arrived! My Winderwood Farms handdyed roving:

Winderwood Farms handdyed roving - in bags

ahhh, they can breathe:

Winderwood Farms handdyed rovings Winderwood Farms handdyed roving

They are (clockwise from top left): corriedale cross, merino/tussah silk, blue faced leicester, and merino; the blue/green in the second pic is wensleydale. 4 oz of each.

(The wensleydale is in its own photo because somehow I missed it, then emailed Winderwood Farms, then on a whim checked the bag again, found it, and ran back to my desk to email Winderwood Farms again. I think in my excitement, I upturned the bag, let fall what fell and the wensleydale was shy and didn't come tumbling out.)

Of course, I had to play immediately:

23: Winderwood Farms Blue Faced Leicester

This is half the blue faced leicester. It was nowhere as soft as the Fleece Artist BFL, but easy to spin. I plan to navajo ply to preserve the color shifts; also, if just plied, I figured the red and green would "cancel each other out" and result in murky looking stuff.

24: Winderwood Farms Wensleydale

And this is the wensleydale. My first time spinning with it, and somehow it wanted to become this thread like stuff. I begin to see what the more experienced spinners mean; you spin finer and finer and then spin some bulky to prove to yourself that you still can.

The Wensleydale has a long staple and you can see the wave in the fiber. It's more coarse; I have no idea what I'm going to do with "thread", even when it's plied. Then again, I haven't made anything with anything I've spun yet... I was planning to try socks with one of these batches. Would the merino stand up to sock wearing? It is very soft and plush, would it just pill or felt?

On a side note

The colors are much more vibrant than the photos on eBay. But... it was a week before these were shipped out, and they smell a little funny. I don't know if it's something from the dyeing process. Also I emailed them a couple of times to find out why it took so long to ship and I haven't heard back. So would I order again? I don't know...

ETA: Would definitely order from them again.