Gram went to the hospital yesterday. She had hit her head and didn't tell anyone, then started getting dizzy. We usually go to visit her on Sundays, this time we chased her down in the hospital (we didn't know when we left).

It's hard to see her like that. I think anyone looks more fragile in a johnny. But for someone who is always dressed and ready to go out, whether or not she actually does go out, all the more so. Me, I'll stay in my pajamas (my grubbies) if I'm not going anywhere. I think it's a generational thing.

I showed her my progress on her socks. Now that it's beginning to look like a sock and she can see how the colors are coming out, she likes it. I'll admit, it gives me more motivation to get them done.

Gram used to crochet blankets/afghans and take kitchen towels and crochet a "handle" on the end so they could be hung on hooks and ovens. We've got a bunch of her afghans and towels here (and we ain't giving them up). Before she met my mom or sister, she sent me with a couple of towels when I went to visit them; they Loved them. She stopped crocheting a couple of years ago: tough on the hands and eyes. These will be her first handknit socks. Maybe the first of many.