The Kool Aid dyed fiber looked so much better revived by a gentle Eucalan wash. Spurred on by the possibilities, I prepared some more Kool Aid which I bought today.

I was hoping for a nice red, green, purple and yellow. I started with the first three, since I already had a yellow prepared. I added the Kool Aid to some plastic containers. But... the crystals didn't look right, the red didn't look red, the purple didn't look purple, and the green was all sorts of colors... I thought, what do I know about Kool Aid? I added some water to each and was stunned. The green was actually green, pretty much the exact shade I wanted. But the red was blue, and the purple was red.

I checked the packages. Go ahead, you'll want to click for the larger version. Read the fine print.

Kool Aid tricks

The names should have given it away. Changin' Cherry? Grape Illusion? And did you see the Lemon Ice that I didn't prepare? "Snowflake white powder, Polar White Drink". Yeah. A dyers nightmare! Good for the Emperor, not good for me.

And I thought I was doing well not buying the one that said "Invisible" on it.