Wheee, thanks, Celia! I agree, need some more spinning going on. By the way, I like your WIP icons. Congrats on your 150 posts!

Last night I spun some more Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester. Had to fluff it up a good bit, and even then, it didn't draft nicely. Felt like I had forgotten how to do it. I wasn't too concerned, took the opportunity to try different drafting methods to see if I could find a way to make it work. Had fun experimenting.

Wound on my yarn winder and then used the ends to ply. Had a good bit of trouble until I remembered that Heidi told me to put an end over each shoulder. Brilliant! Still had troubles, and at one point thought, "shoulder shmoulder, I'll just keep an end on each side of my waist". Hah. Didn't work at all.

16: Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester

I like the colors, sometimes barber pole, sometimes solid. Will try to stretch the roving lengthwise on the second half, see if that helps with the drafting.

I wound what I had spun of the blue merino/silk. It (gasp) broke while I was winding around my trusty shoebox. Right around where I ended the first sitting and picked up on the second. Hehe, will have to be more careful next time I spin after a break.

15: Merino silk

It's so soft and purty.

No! More!

On a side note, I think I've been using a lot of exclamations in my posts. That will stop. No more sounding like a giddy knitter who just started a blog. Man that's uncool.

Haha. Tough beans. I AM a giddy knitter who just started a blog! Muahahahahaha!